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"My experience with Heather as a special ed/IEP advocate for myself and my son is noteworthy. Her passion to collaborate on strategies that are actionable have attributed to my son's success in school."

-Elisa K.

"Irreplaceable part of your IEP Team!!! Heather went above and beyond the call of duty! I was having allot of trouble with my sons school, pushing back on services and goals, I knew that he needed. I was in a real time crunch and Heather made it happen! She sat with me with patience, understanding, and a WEALTH of knowledge. She is a true blessing and just an amazing person. Not only did she help me develop and revamp his IEP goals and services plan, but she encouraged and cheered me on, to do the right thing for my son. With all the adversity that you sometimes come across in those meetings, its so important to know that you have someone like Heather on your side. I felt confident and prepared for my second IEP meeting.. and guess what? I got everything I asked for.. and most importantly.. everything my son needed. Hire Heather. You won't regret it."

-Erynn C.

"I can’t emphasize how helpful Heather has been. She has such a amazing capacity to be patient, caring, and understanding with parents and children. This all stems from her experience with special education. She helped many families throughout the journey. It is always good to have an advocate to help with these meetings. I can honestly say Heather is the perfect person for this, she has the experience, passion, and the child’s best interest at heart, so your child gets the best possible service they require for there specific needs."

-Natasha B.

"This is a valuable and much needed service to help parents advocate for their children . Heather’s passion and experience in special education has helped families become active and informed members of their children’s IEP team."

-Kris T.

"Great , knowledgeable and affordable ! Highly recommend !"

-Anthony C.

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