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Do you find yourself asking these questions?

Are my child's goals appropriate?

I don't agree with the school's draft IEP, what do I do?

Do I have to sign at the meeting?

What goes into the Parent Input Statement?

IEP Reviews
Support and Classes

Individual IEP Review $75/hr

This option is great for those who just want an extra pair of eyes to look over the plan and make sure everything is appropriate. These are hourly sessions, with customization to what you need.

Annual IEP Review Package $195
This is the best option for those who would like a full support of an entire IEP review. This package starts with us discussing what your concerns are for your child and their IEP. Then you will provide me a copy of your child's IEP for me to review. Finally, with my support and guidance, we will put together a plan for your IEP meeting. I can also review with you after the IEP meeting to follow up with any additional concerns.

Attend a Meeting

I am also available for those who would like for me to attend the IEP/Determination/Appeal meeting so you have your direct support advocate with you. Please call for all details on this service.

Help with Paperwork $30

This could include writing Requests for Evaluations, Appeal Letters, Correspondences with the Special Education Team/Teachers, Parent Input Statements.  

TEACH IEP Support Group

In our support group, this is a catch all place to receive the most recent news, guides, tips, tricks, articles, and of course, access to your advocate for questions regarding IEPs, 504s, and special education. You have access to my live feeds discussing things YOU want to learn about. You will also have great tips and tricks from how to organize for your IEP meeting, down to the language to use during it! Not sure if you need a full IEP review and advocate? This is a great place to start your journey. This is a private group on Facebook.



IEP Training Class

This is an individual session where I walk you through the IEP process and show you the important pieces that you need to know so that you can navigate the meetings while feeling confident. This 1 hour and 15 minute question and answer session is done individually between you and I where I can answer your questions as we go through the steps. Great class for those who want general knowledge of the IEP process. 

*We do not discuss specifics of a child's IEP during this. Please see IEP Review packages for that service.

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