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The mission of T.E.A.C.H IEP is to support and empower parents to be active and effective members of the IEP team, provide them with the tools necessary to obtain appropriate services for their children, and cultivate a partnership between parents and school districts.


The vision of T.E.A.C.H IEP is that parents  become active and effective members of their child's IEP team through education on the IEP process and collaboration with the school districts.


   I felt confident and prepared for my second IEP meeting.. and guess what? I got everything I asked for.. and most importantly.. everything my son needed.



-Erynn from New Jersey

    It is always good to have an advocate to help with these meetings. I can honestly say Heather is the perfect person for this, she has the experience, passion, and the child’s best interest at heart, so your child gets the best possible service they require for their specific needs.



- Natasha from New Jersey

    Her passion to collaborate on strategies that are actionable have attributed to my son's success in school.



- Elisa from New Jersey

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